Test your Silver Screen smarts with Popcorn


Popcorn Trivia and It’s a fun, free game and a great way to humble your movie knowledge.

The layout for Popcorn Trivia is simple and straightforward. The primary menu holds options to jump into gameplay, access the game’s settings menu, view your gaming stats, check out your rank amongst other gamers, view your achievements and tap into a few gaming extras. These extras include customizing the game avatar, unlock premium content (TV-based trivia content) with popcorn points, and buying additional popcorn points through in-app purchase.

Popcorn Trivia has single player and online multiplayer games. Movies span a wide range of genres and time periods. You have recent releases and classics from the action, romance, Sci-Fi, horror and other genres.

The single player game includes three Acts or chapters, each holding ten questions on the movie.

If you have a particular points goal, using the redo button backs things up a step and restores any points the wrong response deducted.

The multiplayer game is set up slightly different. You choose the category of movies (Oscar winning, Action, 80’s Classics, etc.) and your opponent. You can select a specific player to challenge or play against a random opponent.


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