Creative Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Cozy nook

From the moment you bring your baby home to the day your child strikes out on their own, their bedroom grows up too. It evolves from your vision of the perfect space to their sanctuary that they let you enter. And of course, back to your space, which is another post all together. So while you have a say in their bedroom style, or you are a teenager looking for decor ideas to share with your parents, you will find some creative kids bedroom decorating ideas for any age from the Parade of Homes tours looks below.

Gender neutral bedrooms are on trend, and if you are waiting to find out if your baby is a boy or a girl, avoiding the stereotypical pinks and blues is a much more sophisticated way to go.  This sweet nursery below is a perfect example using gender neutral framed animal prints and plaids.

Fun and colorful/patterned rugs in a nursery are a great way to incorporate more color and notice the beautiful trim work on the accent wall. This type of focal wall treatment will work for the long-term, whether in a nursery or as the child matures over the years.


What kid wouldn’t want their own hideaway? With long summer nights and early bedtimes, dropping the curtains and creating a quiet space with less light is an added bonus.

Built in bunk bed. Plenty of storage underneath.  Cozy nook under, sleeping above. Bunk beds are a space saver and kids can easily drape blankets to create an instant fort.


The unicorns have moved right in. Forest wall paper, petal covered tulle canopy matched to a palate soft cream and pale pink. What princess would not feel right at home?


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